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Anonymous asked: Do you think your insecurity has something to do with your weight? I mean you could stand to loose a few pounds: I'm not trying to be mean but it's true.

I hope your partner leaves you for Shia LaBeouf. 

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Anonymous asked: is this blog dead now?

TW for un-fun negativo body image stuffs. Sorry, y’all. 

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Anonymous asked: Where's your favorite place to buy makeup from, when you're flush and money isn't a concern?

Thanks for the question, Greyhound! And lol at "when you’re flush"— my bank account is actively hemorrhaging as we speak, thankyouverymuch.  

Sephora, of course, is the short answer. I envy anybody who can walk into that store without having scrupulously researched and budgeted exactly which items they want to purchase beforehand. Brand-wise, I’m a big fan of Illamasqua, Hourglass, Armani, Estee Lauder, and MAC, obvi. I also like Shiseido, Tarte, Lime Crime, and Sugarpill. Honestly, if I could be one of those fancy ladies who douses herself exclusively in Chanel and Tom Ford before arranging the products in artful little clusters in service of taking heavily filtered Instagram photos that brag to the world about her disgustingly disposable income, most of my problems would be solved.

Capitalism’s a bitch, y’all.

(Also, I know I haven’t been around these parts much, but for those keeping score, I got into grad school! With a scholarship! NO CRYING IN THE BATH TONIGHT!)

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Anonymous asked: you are like a mixture of witch, high school cheerleader, dreamy goth, a young long haired neve campbell, cyclamen flowers, and the same strange (beautiful) aura i felt when i was staying in a haunted castle in scotland. you are surreal and lovely. i cherish all your posts and especially the things you write. i hope you're doing well. sending you all my love and thoughts!




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Anonymous asked: I like your art. You are a veritable brush stroke Queen. Any more arty type piccies you'd like to share with us?

Awwww, that’s so nice of you! MFA applications are fucking rough at the moment, man, so I really appreciate the compliment. I haven’t finished anything good ever lately, but do feel free to check out my art tumblr  for more of my stuff! 

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Anonymous asked: Hey? Everything okay? Where are you?

HELLO YES HI SORRY I AM IN BED WEARING A VERY SCARY PORE REFINING MASK PEERING GUILTILY AT THIS TUMBLR ACCOUNT FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE LIKE 2000 B.C. UGH I AM SUCH A TERRIBLE STYLE BLOGGER So for real for real for real I’m coming down from nine grad school applications and an endless parade of residency/show/mental institution submissions all due in early February so I even haven’t had time to polish my Beyonce shrine much less update a proper post and I apologize PROFUSELY for my un-announced hiatus, y’all. I’ll be back soon with something cute and sheer and trashy and fat, no worries! For now, take a gander at some of my shameless instagram selfies! (@mallgothagogo, if you’re interested in getting in on the shenanigans.)

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Horror Head 

Boston is basically up to it’s eyeballs in snow, so you guys are going to be getting fantasy OOTDs from me for a while, unfortunately. This is what I would wear if parkas weren’t running my sartorial life at the moment. Do y’all do resolutions? I’m not huge on them myself, but I am going to try to drink a little less over the next few months (HA!), become a better friend, get myself a two-person or solo show, and find someone important to choke until they let me into grad school. How about yourselves? 

Crimson Crop-Top: Size L, Forever 21

Shadow-Stripe Black Skater Skirt: Size 1X, Forever 21+

Black Ankle-Boots: Size 10, Forever 21

"No" Necklace: ASOS, gift from ma grrrl stckyfngrs. 

As always, thanks for reading!


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Anonymous asked: How does your man feel about this blog lol you said you had a dude how does he feel about you showing yourself like this

…Are you familiar with the phrase "target confusion"

It’s this weird condition that afflicts me when there are simply too many options with which to respond to the rancid brain abortions I find twitching at the bottom of my ask-box. I’m CLINICALLY OVERWHELMED by insult choices, here, anon. Just, like…what? What?

You can’t be serious. 

  • This blog has nothing whatsoever to do with my relationship (which I’ve barely mentioned here, begging the question of exactly why you give an ever-loving fuck). Pray take a football-arena full of seats on the way to your lobotomy, you walking fucking billboard for natural selection. 

  • How entitled do you have to be to think that I put clothed-ass pictures of myself on the internet for your sexual gratification? I do it for ME and for the PERFECT CHUBBY BABES who give a shit about my squishy wytch divinity, man. Stop trying to insert your dick into other people’s business like for SERIOUS just get a Fleshlight or something, damn.

  • I hope you feel like you’re about to sneeze for the rest of your life. 


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Anonymous asked: MAKEUP TUTORIAL??? :D

Awww, I wish I had that kind of set-up, bb! I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have about products/application via askbox or email, but I just don’t have the time or the resources to make videos at this juncture, unfortunately. Plus, most of what I know I’ve learned from Youtube tutorials, so I’d recommend going straight to the source. Here are some of my favorite makeup accounts! 








-Joseph Harwood


-Chanel Boateng

-Makeup by Namaisa

-Mila Victoria

-Sharon Farrell


-Sarah Victor


Hope that helps!

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Grown Woman; A Year In Review 

The Best in Selfies—2013 Edition!

Why, hey there, esteemed and consistently delightful followers of Mall-Goth A Go-Go! In the spirit of the season, I’ve done a quick round-up of my favorite posts from 2013, a year I can confirm without hesitation as one of my personal best to date. I graduated from art school, got paid to write some high-falutin’ criticism-y stuff, showed artwork in a real museum, saw Queen Beysus live in concert, rocked a shit-ton of fat-baring crop-tops, fell madly in love, and, naturally, hit the thousand-follower mark (a number you have helped me far surpass, I might add!) on this goofy slice of internet you all so sweetly inspire me to maintain. I’ve experienced no small share of failure, stupidity, and ickiness, as well, but I’m grateful for the positivity that’s come my way and sincerely hope I can create some for others in the months to come. 

As I start to blue-print the next phase of my life (grad school? permanent nap? slowly turning into an iguana?), I’ll continue to seek new ways of keeping you guys engaged with this low-budget, high-hemlined outfit blog. There is little more precious to me than the body-positive community I’ve found here on Tumblr, and, in that vein, I’d like to raise my proverbial glass to anyone whose 2013 was emphatically less than a personal best. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Here’s to those actively struggling, grappling, reaching, straining, and fighting the urge to give up entirely. Remember that self-esteem is fucking hard—in the immortal words of Barbara Kruger, our bodies truly are battlegrounds. Remember that acceptance takes time; you are worth every week or month or year it requires for scars to fade and voices to subside. You are kind, wanted, brilliant, and acknowledged. Your needs are important.  You can do this. 

See you next year, and as always, thanks for reading!